Atlanta Office Space

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High Street is the perfect place to locate your company where employee recruitment and retention flourishes.

Its mixed-use setting means that workers can easily stop for a coffee on their way into the office. They can shop or exercise at lunchtime, and meet co-workers after hours for a drink. They can enjoy a network of plazas and park space, top restaurants and retail stores, and High Street’s thriving street life.

A place where employees want to be,

High Street makes every workday a pleasure. Recruiting is easy in a place where employees want to be – and they are more efficient when they want to stay in the neighborhood.

atlanta office space
metro atlanta georgia
metro atlanta georgia
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Residential & Commercial Real Estate Atlanta
Residential & Commercial Real Estate Atlanta
Dramatic public arrival concourse
Office building lobby
Typical open floor plan possibilities
Stunning views over High Street Park
View of High Street Atlanta from MARTA Dunwoody station